Kentucky National Guard Memorial

Paying Tribute to Those Who Served and to Those Who Perished

We take pride in our promise to leave no man or woman behind on the battlefield. We should not leave their memory behind when the mission is over. How long before those who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan are forgotten? How many of our fallen can you name? Help us rescue them and put them in a place of honor so they will be remembered... now and forever. We have discovered 346 potential names for the Memorial so far. – Verification & research are ongoing. Please support the Kentucky National Guard Memorial by giving a gift today and by telling others about the opportunity to show their support for those who have done so much for the citizens of Kentucky.


Recent Fund Raising Efforts

  • KYNG Memorial Motorcycle Ride to Remember Motorcycle Event – $31,251.67 (2012 event set for 1 September at the Healing Field in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
  • TAG Open Golf Scramble 2010 - $16,032.26 – (2012 date and location yet to be determined)
  • Ky Veterans Program Trust Fund Donation - $50,000


The Bottom Line:

Total Estimate $928,531.67 Unmet Need $504,390.03 Percent of Goal 54.33%


The Team:


For More Information:

Kentucky National Guard Memorial Fund, Inc.; PO Box 5466; Frankfort, KY 40602-5466 Email - or visit